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Legend of the Blue Eyes Trilogy - Excerpt & Giveaway

Welcome to the 16th day of Christmahanakwanzika. Today I have an exciting excerpt from B. Kristin Michael's Blue Eyes trilogy. Don't forget to check out the giveaway at the bottom.

The Legend of the Blue Eyes (The Blue Eyes Trilogy #1)
Young Adult Paranormal
Publication Date: March 15st, 2013

Arianna Grace liked her boring, Midwestern, teenage life where she ignored the many unanswered questions of her childhood. Why were her parents dead? Why did she not have family? Where was she raised until she was five? When someone offers to explain it all, Arianna thinks she’s just getting answers. Instead, she is thrown into a world of night humans who drink blood.

On Arianna's sixteenth birthday, her world is thrown upside down when she changes into a vampire. Night humans, or demons, as some call them, live in normal society. Learning all of the new rules of a world she didn’t know existed might be hard enough, but it's further complicated by two former-friends that now want to help her take her role as the successor to her grandfather.

There is a war going on between the night humans. Sides have been taken and lines are not crossed. Four main clans of night humans are struggling for control of the night. Divided into two sides, clans Baku and Tengu have been at war for centuries with the clans Dearg-dul and Lycan. That is, until Arianna Grace finds out the truth; she’s the bridge of peace between the two sides. But not everyone wants peace. With the night humans divided, Arianna is now a pawn in the war between them. She must choose a side—her mother’s family or her father’s—and for once in her life, decide her own fate.

The Legend of the Blue Eyes focuses around the new life of Arianna as she becomes part of the world of the night. Arianna is thrown into the night human world when she turns sixteen and has to learn how to deal with it and the people that come with it. Three guys are her main protectors as she enters this new world and learns all the rules.

 Arianna Grace is about to turn seventeen and her life has been very complicated lately. She is the leader of four clans of night humans: dearg-dul, baku, tengu, and lycan. While the four clans seem to get along better with each other, there is internal conflict on both sides of her family, not to mention the three boys vying for her attention.

Edward Lucan is making a chase for the power to lead the baku clans and is playing his cards by using his nephew Andrew to lure Arianna into a trap. Unfortunately for Lucan, Andrew has his own plans. He has spent the last year waiting for Arianna to see him as more than a friend, and he now finds it necessary to make a move for her affection, despite his uncle.

In the dearg-dul estate, Arianna discovers that the ambitious Lord Seeger has been laying his own strategies for power and is slowly poisoning her. After getting away with her grandfather's murder, he is setting his sights on her. Luckily for Arianna, her team is on to all of the plans and is making some plans of their own. Will it be enough to keep Arianna safe? Several people close to Arianna have been keeping secrets. If Arianna is to take power and control of the night, she will need to know the truth. Will someone finally tell her what it truly means to become the legend everyone is waiting for, before it is too late to turn back?

 Arianna has gathered the outside clans to decide her fate in marriage. A tournament will be held, and she is the prize, whether she wants to be or not. The only thing for her to do is watch the clan leaders fight over her, or is it? Thanks to her team's well-made plans, Arianna has other strategies in place. Hopefully one of those plans will earn her freedom. As the contestants gather and she learns more about the night human world, there are new allies to keep close and more enemies to keep even closer. Some even hold more secrets to her legend and possibly the actual reason to her existence. Now Arianna must decide what to do with the fate she has been dealt. The time has come to step out of the shadows of the men who protect her, and into her own power. The time is now for Arianna to take control, and fight for the destiny she wants to live.

The first guy Arianna meets is Devin Alexander, the guy trained to protect her and willing to give his life for her.


“You really need to go to sleep,” he said, as he scooped her into his arms and carried her back to her room.

“But I can’t fall asleep,” she complained, struggling to get out of his grasp. “It’s still too noisy in this house.”

“You have to get used to it. Your sense of hearing has increased now, and it won’t change,” he added.

“But,” she began to complain again.

Devin sat down on the bed beside her. Arianna stared in shock as he began to unbutton his shirt.

“What are you doing?” she asked, moving away from him.

“Come here,” he directed in a serious tone. He patted the bed and patiently waited. She slowly crawled back to him, sitting on the edge of the bed. Devin took her hand and placed it on his bare chest. “There’s something a dearg-dul can hear even better than voices.”

Arianna felt his heart beating beneath her hand. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the sound of the blood rushing through his body. Arianna began to feel the outside world dimming. She could no longer hear the guests at the party, or the maid down the hall. Everything was covered up by the gentle thumping of Devin’s heart. Arianna felt her body being moved, but she didn’t fight it. The urge to sleep was slowly drawing over her. Without the distracting noises around her, she could finally rest.

“Devin,” she asked, as she drifted off to sleep. “Promise me that you will always take care of me.”

“Of course,” he replied as she drifted off.

The second guy she meets is the rule breaking Turner. He does what he wants when he wants and tries to get Arianna to be that way also.


“What is this?” she asked.

“The dorms,” he replied, walking to the door and opening it for her. Arianna stared at the poster on the door. ‘No girls allowed.’

“Male dorms?” Arianna questioned.

“Yep,” Turner agreed.

“But it says no girls allowed,” she replied, hesitant to follow him.

“Do you do everything you’re told?” Turner asked, and Arianna nodded. “No one is here. Everyone is at class, so it doesn’t matter. Besides, I need to change, and my room is up there. You can wait here if you want, but someone might come along and see you skipping class.”

The third guy she meets is Andrew, the most mysterious of the three. He likes to watch from the shadows, but that doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. He becomes more of a player by book two of the trilogy but even from first meeting, Arianna feels a pull towards him.


Arianna turned her head sideways and continued to stare only at Andrew.

“You’ve known about me for a long time.”

‘Forever,’ Andrew thought.

“How can…?” Arianna began ask, but stopped as a multitude of questions filled her mind. There was so much she wanted to know from him, yet at the same time, nothing needed to be said.

‘I’ve waited a long time to find you again,’ Andrew explained.


‘We were kids the first time we met. I didn’t know what baku were at the time, but I knew you were special.’ Andrew’s hands gently pulled Arianna closer. While she stood almost eye to eye with Turner in her baku form, she was now a head shorter than Andrew. Arianna instinctively leaned her face against his chest. Her lips gently grazed the smooth, white skin in front of her, and he shivered in response. Andrew stopped his story when he felt her touch.

Does he feel it too? Arianna wondered.

‘Yes,’ Andrew replied. Andrew’s hands gently traced her back. Leaning slightly forward, he kissed the top of her head.

Complete happiness poured off of Andrew as she tipped her head back to look closer at his face. There was no need to see his expression to read the emotions he was emitting, but Arianna looked anyway. Andrew’s eyes were closed, and he took a deep breath.

About the Author
B. Kristin McMichael

Originally from Wisconsin, B. Kristin currently resides in Ohio with her husband, two small children, and three cats. When not doing the mom thing of chasing kids, baking cookies, and playing outside, she is using her PhD in biology as a scientist. In her free time she is currently hard at work on multiple novels. Every day is a new writing adventure. She is a fan of all YA/NA fantasy and science fiction.


One (1) paperback copy of Legend of the Blue Eyes.
Open to US citizens only.

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  1. I liked that the excerpt showed us three different scenes with three different guys. It was nice to see the relationship she had with each of them. I can honestly say that I loved the excerpts with Devin and Andrew the most and would probably be rooting for either one of them. :)

  2. Instead of a love triangle, there's a quadrangle - hmmm... interesting. From the short excerpts, it's hard to tell, but I think I'd like all three of the guys!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction