Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The 23 Days of Christmahanakanzika

Thank you for checking out my winter holiday schedule. Please stick around this month to check out all of the amazing giveaways going on here.

December 4thThese Broken StarsReview
December 5thRita StradlingInterview
December 6thYou are MineExcerpt
December 7thLevel 2Review
December 10thLacy YagerBlog Take-Over
December 11thFields of Elysium SeriesTrailer
December 12thConquered Earth SeriesExcerpt
December 13thSunkissedReview
December 14thBorn in FlamesExcerpt
December 17thAmalie HowardInterview
December 18thMaria SnyderInterview
December 19thThe Blue Eyes TrilogyExcerpt
December 20thJames John LoftusInterview
December 21stMichelle PickettBlog Take-Over
December 22ndJoanna WiebeInterview
December 23rdNina BerryBlog Take-Over
December 24thAtanciaExcerpt
December 25thUninvitedExcerpt
December 26thMindee ArnettInterview