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Atancia Excerpt & Giveaway

Welcome to day 21 of Christmahanakwanzika. Today, I have the honor of sharing an excerpt from Atancia by Wren Figueiro. Please don't forget to check out the giveaway down below

Atancia (The Durand Duology, #1)
Published August 6, 2013 

After watching a young boy die, college freshman Atancia Clark begins to have panic attacks. Her heart flutters, her breath catches and she can’t control her emotions the way she always has. She wants to be strong, but lately she just hasn’t been living up to her own expectations. When she meets Ben Althaus, her breath starts catching for entirely different reasons. He helps Atancia discover the cause for her odd emotional reactions and the history she thought was lost when her mother left her. Atancia has power beyond that of an average girl, and Ben is by no means ordinary. He wants to help her hone her talents, but her focus is threatened by life-altering events. Add Ben’s entrancing brother, Matthew, to the mix, and Atancia’s lack of clarity could lead her down a destructive path.
Atancia is a paranormal romance novel for young adults. It is the first book of The Durand Duology.

Background: Atancia is Durand, a being who can remain immortal by transferring energy from any living thing. She is different than most Durand because she can transfer energy out as well as in. Ben is her boyfriend. Aldric is Ben’s brother and a doctor at the clinic where Atancia has been helping ill humans by transferring energy to them from animals. Velma is the grandmother of a very sick little girl and knows what Atancia can do.


“I went to check on her and found her much weaker than I had expected. She needs this now, Atty,” Aldric explained.

“I need to talk to Velma,” I told him.


“The grandmother!” I couldn’t believe he didn’t know her name. He was their doctor. He should know his patients and their families. Maybe he just had too many of them to remember. I really wished Ben was there. I wasn’t sure I could deal with it all by myself.

“Aldric, please call Ben for me. Do you think he can get back?” I asked.

“Today? Probably not, but I’ll call him.”

“OK, I’m going to go talk to Velma.”

He nodded, and I walked out into the hall. I leaned against the wall by his door and took another deep breath. This couldn’t happen. I couldn’t transfer from a human. Before I’d regained my composure, I saw Velma rounding the corner. She looked very worried.

“Atancia, please come with me.”

I followed her down the hall and down the elevator, then into the courtyard again. We walked toward the back of the path where it was quiet. I didn’t give her a chance to start talking. “Velma, what have you done? What have you said to Aldric? Does he know what you are? Do you understand what you’re asking of me?”

“Breath deeply, Atancia. I need you to be calm. I didn’t do anything except go along with what he proposed. He came to her room this morning. I thought it was because you intervened. He said that she was doing very badly, that she only has hours left. He proposed that I volunteer to help her. He made something up about donating cells, but said that it would be dangerous for me. I’m all right with that, Atancia. I don’t mind giving my life for Hillary’s. She’ll be taken care of. The best thing I can do for her is give her my energy, Atancia.”

“No! Velma, I could kill you! I can’t!”

“Atancia, please, think clearly. Hillary is a little girl. She has years of happiness ahead of her. What will I be if I lose her? What good will all this life inside of me be if I lose my only grandchild?  I’ve already lost a daughter, Atancia. I can’t lose Hillary too!”

About the Author
Wren Figueiro

As a child, I was often kept up at night by an overactive imagination. When I got to college, I decided to study writing so I could put that imagination to better use. I am an avid reader and rarely let a week go by without finishing at least two books. I love the way that books allow passage into other people's thoughts and let me see how they view the world. Though I have been writing stories as long as I can remember, Atancia is my first novel.

One (1) ecopy of Atancia - for Kindle

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  1. This giveaway is so awesome! This sounds so interesting, the book. I love the excerpt, it really shows the flow and style of writing, and the books strength in terms of the characters. Wow, I really like. Sounds interesting, and exciting! This is so cool, the giveaway. So exciting!


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  2. Sounds like a great read!! Thx for the giveaway