Friday, July 19, 2013

Free Swag Friday - (plus mystery box hint)

T.C. Scribbles on the winning ARROW OF THE MIST giveaway.

Woot! It's finally here! Click on the image to get redirected to the giveaway.

As promised, here is clue #2 to the Giveaway-Plooza Mystery box. 
This should be an easy clue. Figure it out and get 5 points toward the giveaway!!!

You can see my foot and my... bones through the red shoe I wear on the cover of my book. Find my author's Facebook page.

I am currently offering too many giveaways, but here are some that aren't a part of the 100-followers giveaway:
Gargoyle AddictionRust

Other Great Giveaways
Reading in Twilight
Winter Haven Books

Help me spread the love. If you have a blog and are giving away a book or other cool book-related swag, drop me a line and I'll share it with my peeps (yeah I said it). Kamatherly{at}


  1. Is it "CINDER" by Marissa Meyer?

  2. You DON'T get points for posting your answer here. Fallow the directions. Read the whole hint please.