Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great apps and other gizmos for Dyslexic readers/writers

As a dyslexic, I am always looking for ways to enhance my ability to read/ Today, I wanted to share some of the neat things I'v stumbled onto.

First of all, I do not condone programs that read for you, unless you are taking a school class and need help keeping up with the other readers. Dyslexia, like your body, needs to be exercised daily to strengthen your problem areas. The best way to achieve normalicy (reading/writing) is to practice. "Practice makes perfect," is an ideal saying here. The more your read to yourself, read out-loud, write, the easier things come to you, granted you will always have good days and bad days, but that too can be overcome... to an extent.

So here are some helpeful gadgets, programs and add-in's for the everyday Dyslexic.

2 words: Voice Search!

Ever have one of those days when you want to know the meaning of a word... but you just cant seem to figure out how to spell it? Yeah, me too. Try this nifty app. Just click the "Voice Search" button at the top right corner after opening the app and wait for it to tell you to speak. Say the word you are looking for and the app will find it.
--I use this ALL the time when I am completely stumped on a spelling.


One of the neat things I have found about Firefox is the web-brousers ability to add custom plugs to enhance your viewing experience. this add-on allows the user to change the color of any website you want (only for the user to see). So let's take things back to the rose-colored glasses day. There have been studies that prove, placing a colored piece of film over text helps dyslexics read better. This add-on could essentially work like that piece of cellophane. Try it out, let me know what you think!

Yet another Firefox wonder

Firefox is an amazing brouser if you haven't tried it before, again there are so many things you can do to enhance it. Here is another thing that might be helpful -- Theme font & Size changer. Ever get frustrated with a website's font? The B's look like D's or the I's, L's and J's could all be the same letter? Maybe that "rn" is actually an "M"... Try this, choose a dyslexic friendly font like serif (fonts that have tails and ticks like Times New Roman), Arial or Geneva.
There is also this font you can purchase from Studio Studio but I checked it out and the cost was € 69 which = around $90... I bit out of my price range, I'll just stick with Times.


enables users to adapt and personalize computer software programs to their own particular needs. It allows users to easily change screen layouts, colours and fonts as well as being able to listen to text read back via a menu of available voices. The nice thing about this is the program keeps itself up to date. I could see many uses for this. £ 47.99 = around $75. At least it's cheaper than the dyslexic font... you can also try this program free for 14 days.

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