Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stacking my Shelves

Not much going on around here. So I'll share the three books a bought at one of the local book stores last week. Notice, they were NOT given to me. I purchased them.

I never win nothin'

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) 
by Richell Mead

I'm super excited about this purchase. I've heard such great things about this book. Maybe VA will be my stepping stone to get back into vampire novels (so sadly ruined by Twilight).

So thanks guys for suggesting this book to me. I just hope I can finish it before the movie comes out. 

The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth #1)
by Carrie Ryan

The blurb for this novel reminds me of a mixture of THE HUNGER GAMES, and THE VILLAGE (by M Night Shyamalan)

Color me intrigued. I actually picked this book up because the cover to one of the sequels caught my eye, but I hate to purchase book 3 if I haven't read 1 or 2.

First Grave On The Right (Charley Davidson #1)
by Darynda Jones

When my aunt and cousin came down to Houston earlier this year, they brought their books with them. Both are on different books in this series. I'd heard of the book before but never gone out of my way to purchase it. So at the book store the other day, I searched it out.

I hope for the best. I love strong female leads, and am intrigued by grim reapers.


  1. I am on the 5th book in the Vampire Academy Series, I ready the 4th book, which is 500 pages, in one day because I just couldn't stop. I had to find out what happened. You will love it! The first book starts off slow, but don't give up on it, you will be hooked :)

    I haven't read the other books, though I have had The Forest of Hands and Teeth on my shelf for YEARS. i'm horrible :(

    Amber @ Paradise of Pages

    1. lol, yeah I'm excited to start reading the Vampire Academy. I too fall victim to the dusty book in my book shelf. I'm trying to be better.