Monday, July 8, 2013

Mondays Suck Quote-a-long

Mondays Suck!

We all know Monday's suck, so to help make it better, lets get our quote love in for the week.

Quoting your favorite line from a cheesy movie or ridiculous friend always makes us feel better. Makes us laugh or swoon.

So tell us your favorite quote from the book you're reading. Cheer us up. What's so great about the quote?

Here's how it works (you can see my example below):
Tell us the page # or % (if you know it) where we can find the quote, the title of the book, author and finally -- THE QUOTE!

27% of ARROW OF THE MIST by 

“I feel the same. Have for years, waiting, hoping Wynn's fiery cousin would think of me.” Kelven pulled her closer. His hands trembled on the small of her back. Lia woundered if he could hear the thumping of her heart.

Oh my God! I melted. Mercer does a fantastic job portraying the blossoming (nerves and uncertainty) of young love.

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