Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TMI Alert!

Okay... I am freakin' peeing in my pants and doing a happy dance.

I have been stalking IMDB's site just waiting for this trailer! It's finally here. I am having a hard time breathing... is that hyperventelation. Can you tell I am really excited about this movie? I read the book and couldn't get enough. If you haven't read the book, have a thing for SciFi, this book is for you. Hurry up. Get to reading before the movie comes out!!!!!

(sorry, it's like this trailer doesn't want to be shared? It keeps disappearing??)

My only qualms, I LOVE Harrison Ford, but his narration just doesn't do anything for me in the trailer. Hope that's not a foreshadowing about his role in the movie.

Ender's Game is one of my top rated books. Check it out here


  1. Oooh! When is it coming out? I'll have to re-read the book!