Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday's Suck - Lets start a quoat-a-long

Monday's Suck!

We all know Monday's suck, so to help make it better, lets get our quote love in for the week. Quoting your favorite line from a cheesy movie or ridiculous friend always makes us feel better. Makes us laugh or swoon.

So tell us your favorite quote from the book you're currently reading. Cheer us up. What's so great about the quote?

Here's how it works (you can see my example below):
Tell us the page # or % where we can find the quote, the title of the book, author and finally -- THE QUOTE!

I found this little lovely 20% into The Bane, by Keary Taylor.

“And then he crushed his lips to mine. I could have sworn I was back in the middle of that explosion in that moment.”
What I love about this is the unexpectedness of it. This book is full of hard characters with no time for love or romance, because people are running for their lives from Borg-like humanoids. Then, out of nowhere, one of the tertiary characters surprises the reader and the main character by crushing his lips against hers.


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