Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 TBR Pile Readding Challenge

I was going to try to do this any way. I'm a slow reader, so I am going to say I am (1-10) - A Firm Handshake level.

I'm hoping I can complete this challenge, I have been meaning to read so many of the books on my shelf. It's so bad, I frequent Half Price Bookstore... then forget that I purchased the book several months/years down the road. I didn't even remember having FALLEN or THREE DAYS TO DEAD on my shelf.

Below is the list of books in my shelf that I want to read (listed alphabetically):


  1. I wish I had that problem. I am also a slow reader, but I am completely addicted to reading, so slow as I may be, I still read everything on my shelves and have to buy more, struggling to get through the day or so by scouring my son's case for something I might have missed. Reading takes over my life to the point that I have to try to pull away for a week just so I can get things done! And all that week I sleep poorly and pine for past characters, seriously wondering how they are doing. (!) (Please say to can relate to that level of identity confusion!) Sadly, what I don't do is update my goodreads count, or do many reviews. Or get much writing done myself. That's the kicker. they say to write you must read, so I read, and read and read, and forget to write!

    1. I've had restless nights before pining over a character or the ending of a book. So much so that sometimes I have a hard time starting a new book because I'm still pining over the old one.