Sunday, March 11, 2012

JK Rowling's Writing

JK Rowling’s getting back on the horse!

So a few years ago, after the debut of her final Harry Potter installment, I watched a British report on Rowling and her success. She talked about how she had to lock herself up in a hotel to finish the novel and how it was a lot of work…

She then  showed off her multi-million dollar kitchen and mammoth house. At the end of the report, the journalist asked her if she would be writing more in the future. To me, the answer she gave the reporter was a definite “no.”

Fine by me. How can she compete with something like Harry Potter? How can she overcome her global fan base to write something different? Would her fans appreciate the new writing? Would they read it? She could write a total flop, though because she is JK Rolwing, people will buy, and read it despite the reviews.

Well, she’s attempting it.

She’s ditched her old publishers to join up with Little, Brown, who’s published authors like Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook), and Tina Fey (Bossy Pants). Though the book has supposedly been written, the details – including the title – have been kept secret, secured by the Royal Guards (not really).

So here’s what we know:
  1. She’s written a new book
  2. It’s for Adults
  3. Little, Brown is the publisher
  4. It’s supposed to be released this year (2012)

Does anyone want to wager a guess?
            My guess - Romance

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