Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reading in Progress - Update -- E-reader Vs. Book

 I am about 10 pages into the next novel, Sonora and the Eye of the Titans. I wanted to attempt to give updates and have other discussions to keep people interested.

First off: if you are planing on reading this novel, I suggest you don't judge the book by its cover or Prologue (as of yet). Both were deterring for me, but because I am writing a review on the book, I am chugging along. Once I got threw the first few pages of chapter 1, my interest had been piqued and I was starting to connect with the main character, Sonora.

Next on the agenda: E-reader Vs. Book...

Another blogger was talking earlier in the week about reading what you have. I wanted to comment further on that subject. I have an over-stuffed bookshelf, most of which I have actually read... well maybe 70%... any way, what I wanted to see from others is: I don't own an electronic reading-device such as a Kindle or Nook. Because of my dyslexia, it seems harder for me to read on computers than on paper. In my dyslexic classes in middle school, we were taught that if we found ourselves skipping lines or not actually listening to ourselves as we read, we should cover the page with colored cellophane (yellow and pink work best)... you can't do that with an e-reader, well you can but it would be hard to manage. Personally, I don't use any colored cellophane to help me, but I still can't seem to find a comfort level with the e-readers. Maybe if I could  get one with the dyslexic font I read about a while back.

How do you read? Do you use an e-reader or do you prefer the physical pages in your fingers? Why do you prefer it that way?

And the BIG question... if there are any other dyslexics out there, do you currently read with an e-reader? How well do you say you read compared to the physical book? Would you use an e-reader if they offered dyslexic friendly fonts?


  1. I will choose the e-reader for sure, because I can do so many great and interesting things on it... I can read, watch movies, play games and so many more...Also I can take it everywhere with me and read my books downloaded from some free sites. However, I want to have printed books as well, because I love to have a big and diversified library.

    1. Are you talking about an eReader or an iPad? The features are nice, but for reading purposes, the best thing I have found (electronically) for a dyslexic like myself would be the eReaders that are backlit. iPads and devices like the Kindle Fire generally are set up like a handheld computer and for some reason, I have a hard time reading on them. Don't get me wrong, I can read off of the devices (and I desperately want an iPad) but the reading is more like a sprint and not a marathon. I can read in short bursts but anything longer than that and I get confused, skip lines, my eyes do this weird stutter thing... sigh.