Friday, January 6, 2012

Kellogg's Protein Bar's SUCK!

I'm probably a day's read away from finishing The Pledge, and I got a little hungry while I was reading this morning (I'm not usually a morning eater). I decided to put the book down, at a crucial part and walk to the convenience store. I'm trying to stay healthy so I grabbed a Kellogg’s Protein Meal Bar.


It almost tastes like a chocolate bar at first but a few minutes after you chew and swallow it tastes gritty and mealy. I keep chocking on the granules stuck in my throat. Thank God for hot Earl Grey Tea. Bluck, I can still taste it -- I took a bite just now to make sure I described it properly. I am reminded of a dry pork chop five minutes after eating it. I can't seem to get the taste out. AAAAAH!

Ok, I'm done ranting to no one in particular. I should be posting a review of The Pledge by this weekend and starting on my next novel Sonora, and the Eye of the Titans another YA fantasy novel. After this one, I think I will try a different genre for a book or two... then wind my way back to YA fantasy (because it's inevitable).

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