Monday, July 18, 2011

Born at Midnight - Book #1 in Shadow Falls Series

  Author C.C. Hunter
  Genra Young Adult Fantasy/Romance
  Series Book #1 in the Shadow Falls series
  Pages 416
  My Average 10.1 pages a day

      Kylie Galen just wants to be normal. She has a normal life with normal friends and family who have normal problems, as long as she can ignore the ghost that keeps following her around. But when she gets caught at a party full of drugs and alcohol she’s shipped off to what her family thinks is a camp for delinquents. Kylie’s learns her life isn’t as normal as she imagined. She struggles with her own identity all the while battling with her feelings for three different boys.

C.C. hunter shows her romance novelist side while weaving complex conflicts in this intriguing YA fantasy.
     This supernatural romance has something for everyone, suspense mystery and of course romance. Everyone, including myself, can relate to the characters in this story. So you aren’t a vampire? That doesn’t matter. Most of the characters in this book started out living a seemingly normal life going to normal school and always feeling like the outsider. It wasn’t until they discovered that they were different that the characters finally started to feel like they belonged.

     Throughout my life, I attended many different summer camps, from church camp to soccer camp to yes… band camp. I felt a connection. It made me recall all of the summer romances and drama at camp. Like most camps, this one is full of uniquely different people from different places and family life’s.

     The melting pot of supernatural’s followed the normal mixture of . It is refreshing to see a novel that includes all of your basics: vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies and demigods. C.C. Hunter does an amazing job explaining the different supernatural’s without going into exhausting detail. Because each of the main characters and sub-characters are from different “species” you learn a lot about each race in a more subtle way. There’s a character for everyone, from the hot bad-boy to the screw-up dyslexic witch.

     I laughed, I swooned and my heart ached for more. For me, the best part of the book was the steamy hook-up in a stream with Kylie and one of the campers. That’s right, what more can you ask for in a steamy kiss then to fall on top of the guy in a cold stream. Wet hair, wet cloths and hot kisses. It’s here, in the stream, that C.C. Hunter’s romance novelist side comes out. As I was reading it, I was reminded of the steamy romance novels I had read in the past, full or probing tongues and roaming hands.

     If you are looking for a coming of age, supernatural romance with some mystery, check out this book, the first book in the Shadow Falls series.

Rating: B

About the author:
C.C. Hunter

     C.C. Hunter, a southern gall’ with a big heart and a loud voice, currently resides in Texas. She writes romance novels under her real name, Christy Craig. As a dyslexic writer, she is an inspiration to us all. She has the will power and heart of a lion. Her story about the struggle of getting her first book published and the determination to never give up is awe-inspiring.

     A few months ago, I had the wonderful chance to listen to this writer speak about sex in young adult novels. As a romance writer, she was approached to do a YA fantasy romance. She struggled with the concept for a while rolling the possibilities in her head. Her biggest concern, how would she want her daughter behaving? I feel that she showed plenty of leg without giving it all away for free.

Stay tuned for the next book:
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